How The Lockdown Has Affected The Nature and Environment


 Globally, over 2.5 billion people are on lockdown around the world, and the trend of staying at home has revolutionized human behaviour.  

(Image source: Pixabay)

   As an overview, the aforementioned lockdown happened because of a deadly virus that arrived in mother nature in December 2019, namely the Corona Virus or more known as the COVID-19 Virus. The virus is contagious – therefore, the government issued policies and implemented the system of staying at home to prevent as well as to stop the spread. 

(Image source: Pixabay)

There are many positive impacts as well as negative ones due to this lockdown policy.

   Because of the pandemic, the amount of injuring or killing wildlife on roadways was reduced. Not only on road, but also fewer ships carrying out activities in the waters for the purpose of fishing, tourism, and shipping. This could help to decrease population reductions in some areas.

   The quality of air in many places has improved too and water pollution has decreased in various parts of the world, as a result of movement restrictions and a considerable downshift of social and economic activities.

   However, this case brings some negative effects too such as economy-related problems as well as environmental. 

   As people run out of options for earning a living, some experts fear that economic hardship in low-income nations would lead to an increase in natural resource exploitation, such as illegal logging and the illicit wildlife market.

   Aside from that – the increased use of personal protective equipment (e.g., face masks, hand gloves), haphazard disposal and the development of a large volume of hospital waste all have detrimental effects on the environment.

Example on how the lockdown has affected the nature and environment : 

  • Rare animals that haven’t been seen for a long time spotted on a few place

  • Dolphins swimming in the choppy waters of the Port of Trieste, Italy

  • Puma wandering in downtown Santiago, Chile

   The pandemic is still occurring whether in the present, and most probably will still be in the near future. However, in that case – it should never stop us as youth individuals to stop caring about our environment, moreover contributing to the negative side of it. But instead, the opposite. We, as capable passionate human beings, should instead make a good impact on our environment and mother nature as what listed above.