CLIMATE CHANGE The World is NOT OKAY: Who’s to blame for the flame?

What is Climate Change?

Climate change is a temperature in the weather pattern of Earth. As many of you know, our Earth’s temperature has been getting warmer lately. This is caused by human activities which are greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases include the burning of fossil fuels, these fossil fuels trap heat inside our planet, making its temperature increase day by day.


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The causes of Climate Change

Climate change can occur through both natural and human activities. Because of human activities, there is increased use of fossil fuels through the use of cars and other vehicles, they also change forest areas to be permanently non-forested, for human activities. In natural cases, there are internal fluctuations that exchange energy, water, and carbon between the atmosphere, oceans, land, and from external influences on the climate system. Covid 19 is a thing that have been talked lately, and few people know that Covid 19 is a bad idea for ecology because there is an increase in the use of single-use plastics for medical and household purposes


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What are the examples of Climate Change?

The examples and impacts of climate change are very common around us. One of the examples of climate change includes sea-level rise since it makes the sea ground hotter which causes more pressure causing the water level to increase from under the ground. Another example is the melting of ice in the Arctic – the melting of ice is a major problem because the Arctic is known for its cold weather and mountain glaciers; also knowing that people could also be affected since the amount of melted ice will be very big, which would cause floods and destruction. Animals would also get impacted by it too, such as the polar bears and penguins who are suffering from the increasing heat. From what we can see, these animals are having a hard time adapting to their new surroundings and habitat, so we should bring their home back.


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How to Prevent Climate Change

  • Avoid the use of gas fuel by using public transportation.

  • Reduce our greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. 

  • Make everything more efficient.

  • Create a culture of sustainable development with the aim of equitable development between generations in the present and the future.