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mathnasium summer camp

Each was able to increase their understanding of math and overcome the hurdles they had been facing. I would recommend Mathnasium in Round Rock to any student who is struggling with math in the classroom. Mathnesium has worked really well for my son who started when he was finishing middle school. The flexible work environment and friendly staff really worked wonderfully for his personality type and increased his confidence in time for high school. I like the progress reports and updates on my students understanding of the introduced concepts. I also like the friendly and warm learning environment. Make this school year greater than last year!

He has formed an attachment to Tiffany and he seems to enjoy attending tutoring classes. Tiffany breaks down and explains the problem if he is struggling. He is gaining math skills along with the confidence to do well on school assignments. Mathnasium is truly benefitting my son and I would highly recommend it to others. Excellent experience with Mathnasium Roslyn. My daughters confidence in math and her grades have improved significantly.

mathnasium summer camp

We’ll create a unique program focusing on concepts that will help your child succeed next school year. Additionally, Number Sense techniques will be introduced and reinforced to improve mental computation and develop critical thinking skills. These techniques help with understanding the why behind the math. My daughter now has the confidence she was lacking. She says everyone is so nice and she enjoys her time at mathnasium. The homework help has been a lifesaver. Great instructors – my son enjoys attending the classes and feels comfortable and confident.

Mathnasium Summer Camp

I just want to say a BIG thank you for helping my child with her math. I’ve never seen her this excited about math before and thanks for making it fun for her. My daughter looks forward to her lessons. We are very pleased with her progress.

How much does a Kumon owner make?

Estimated Average Franchise Revenue: $519,000

1- Based on a midpoint investment of $102,174 with estimated profits of $51,943 (10% profit margin) it would take about 3 years to recoup your initial Kumon franchise investment.

We’ve struggled so hard with him in the past and had honestly almost given up hope, thinking ‘he’s just not a math kid’. The strides he’s making with Mathnasium’s intervention seems like a dream come true. Thank you to the amazing teachers-especially Ms. Stella!!! We will continue to use Mathnasium for a long, long time and highly, highly recommend it. My son Really loves going to Mathnasium.

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Thanks for all you’ve done for her so far. My child is doing better in Math class, she seems happier then before when she was struggling.

My daughter came to Mathnasium with math anxiety and grade gaps. Since she started in August, she has been excelling in her math class, is on grade level, and looks forward to her class sessions with the staff at Mathnasium.

We appreciate the customization of the Mathnasium program and the excellent team of instructors who work with our son and the other students. All three of my daughters have attended Mathnasium this school year and it has been a blessing to our family.

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  • The mini lessons break down the concepts further and allow children to put them into practice more quickly, increasing their retention.
  • My 10 year old started to hate math and we fought to get her to finish her work.
  • I know when my son first started he was struggling with math, he thought it was boring and a hard thing to do.
  • As the student completes each lesson, that printed page of work moves to a different section of the binder.

My daughter was struggling with math several years ago. She started at Mathnasium and is now in advanced math doing amazing in her math class.

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Topics will include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and numerical fluency. Moms and dads in Rockland can connect here with local businesses who offer services or host events in the community.

  • Sessions are devoted entirely to logic, geometry, and number sense.
  • Her math skills have improved tremendously since she started.
  • Mathnasium has a great program, consistent, thorough, and building upon skills.
  • She also has a private math tutor in addition to attending the center for reinforcement.
  • Our three children were challenged just the right way.
  • He was patient over the zoom and helpful.

She is going to Mathnasium over 3 years and will continue at the HS level. This is money well spent for success in school. He particularly is happy to be back in person. mathnasium summer camp Mathnasium teachers continue to challenge him and keep him engaged and loving math. We are impressed with not just how much he is learning, but by his enthusiasm.

Why We Love This Deal?

And on top of that, their workbook was not helping her in her current classes. Thank God my husband saw that a new Math tutoring center had opened up.

mathnasium summer camp

So far mathnasium has been great for my son. He enjoys being there and learning with each of the instructors. He has a lot of anxiety over academics and they are great at calming him down. My daughters are gaining so much knowledge and confidence in their math skills. And the staffs are very friendly and helpful. We are having a great experience so far. They’ve helped our daughter get up to speed in her current grade while filling gaps in learning from previous years.

I want to thank all staff for helping my daughter “love” math. Thank you Mathnasium ,you helped my daughter achieve her goals! My son loves doing math now instead of dreading it.

I love the flexibility of going when we want and the constant communication and feedback that we receive. I appreciate all the communication and partnership and the results speak for themselves. Staff is really nice, knowledgeable and helpful. My son has done very well in the last 3 years he has attended Mathnasium. Did not know where to go or what to do about my granddaughters problems with math.Her teacher suggested it.

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Our instructors will also set aside time to provide homework help. Mathnasium was a great experience for my 8th grader. The pre-test was efficient in determining his current areas of strength and weakness. He enjoyed working with all the instructors and never complained about going. Mathnasium is a great option for keeping math skills sharp in the Summer. We’ll probably enroll again this Summer. Mathnasium help my son to improve his math skills.

mathnasium summer camp

Results were noticed within a few weeks. Our daughter is much more confident in math and doing better in school.

Camp Mathnasium 2021

Scott, the owner, has been invested in my son’s success since the beginning, always encouraging and motivating him to keep plugging away. Scott’s enthusiasm and reassurance has never waned; he continues to make time whenever I feel the need to discuss something with him. My son’s grade in math was a ‘C’ when he started the program last year, and now he has an ‘A’. I don’t have a single complaint, and Mathnasium strives to make it as easy and convenient as possible for parents to fit it into their schedule.

Does Kumon really help?

Kumon can be very beneficial, but as a student, repetitive learning can also become, for lack of better words, boring, as well as discouraging. In order for kids to truly retain information, they should engage in unique and changing activities to help them learn in a number of ways and stay interested.

Founded in 1955, The Country School is a coeducational, independent school serving students in PreSchool-Grade 8. The Country School is committed to active, hands-on learning and a vigorous curriculum that engages the whole child. In just three hours a day, students will learn the basics of robotics and coding using the Sony KOOV robotics kit.

I plan on continuing throughout her high school years and college should she stay home. Mathnasium of Commack has a welcoming environment. My daughter feels comfortable and enjoys going. Our son was a Mathnasium student for almost 3 years and made significant progress.

Is Mathnasium Right For Your Child?

The staff are friendly, well-organized, and incredibly helpful / supportive of my son’s achievement, and he has progressed significantly during his work with them. My daughter has really enjoyed Mathnasium and looks forward to going. It has put my mind at ease since I know she’s getting extra math instruction each week. Well my son was struggling in math with the many different ways the teachers were showing the kids these days. I showed him how I did it, but he wanted to do it the teachers way which left me frustrated. They explained to him and then showed him a way he understood on how to do math.

  • He feels confident doing math homework now.
  • Since this was a paper assessment, I assumed it would take a few days.
  • Her standardized test scores have improved as well.
  • They took the time to observe her working through problems in order to understand root causes of underperformance.
  • My son loves going there the staff is is very helpful and understanding can’t wait to sign up my other son.
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I’ve already recommended Mathnasium to many people. Scott is really great at making sure our child gets the best experience and appropriate challenges everyday to keep him excited coming to Mathnasium. My Granddaughter wants to go, she is feeling more and more confident with her Math. She is only 10 yrs old and she is loving the learning. Excellent environment with great teachers, including individuals who are actually teaching in schools and colleges as a full time job.