For weeks, the streets of Shanghai have been empty. Supermarkets are shut and delivery workers who used to roam the city, are nowhere to be seen. China is now dealing with its biggest outbreak of COVID-19 since the initial outbreak back in 2020. Shanghai, the biggest city in the country, records over 20,000 daily cases and has 26 million residents locked down inside their homes.


The Shanghai government on April 9th decided on 3 new regulations for residential compounds in hopes to contain the virus. The areas are stated as “Locked-down Area“, “Controlled Area“, and “Precautionary Area“. What are the difference between the areas? And how can we determined which area that have been implemented for my compound?

Locked-down Area: If cases within the last 7 days have been detected in a neighborhood, residents may not leave their compound.

Controlled Area: If there is no positive cases for the next 7 days, residents are allowed to walk around their gated community.

Precautionary Area: If no cases have been detected in the last 14 days, residents are allowed to walk around the streets within a confined area.


There is a lot of news going around that people in Shanghai are in short supply of food. However, the situation in Shanghai has started to improve since there is a “group buying” method and free supplies from the government. Residents now rely on group buying methods with their neighbors for food supplies since many restaurants have shut down and buying food online is difficult. At times the government gives out food and home appliances to the residents.

Let's fight through this pandemic, hope Shanghai will get better soon in no time! If you have any troubles, don't hesitate to contact us!